Where in Judaism does it describe the journey of the soul in the afterlife? Sources, that I am looking for stem from kabbalah teaching or the zohar. Also,I am searching for primary sources, so if they are in hebrew a translation as well as the hebrew text would be much appreciated. Otherwise I can translate it.


here's something by Rabbi Yirmiyahu Ulman

The Zohar says that before death a person gets a preview of his portion in the soul world: “When a man is about to die, and judgment hovers about him so he would depart from the world, a supernal spirit is added to him that he did not have during his lifetime. When it hovers about him and cleaves to him, he is able to see what he never saw in his days, due to the additional spirit in him. When the spirit is added to him…his eyes are opened to the sight they have just seen, and…if he has a son, the son should be the first to put his hand over his eyes and close them. As it says, ‘And Yosef shall put his hand on your eyes,’ for another unholy sight is come before him and the eye that beheld the supernal holy sight must not look at the other sight” (Zohar, VaYechi).

Then the Angel of Death appears: “It descends and stands at his feet with a sharp sword in his hand. The person lifts his eyes and sees the house walls radiant with fire. At the same time, he sees him, full with eyes, dressed in burning fire in front of the man…There are three drops on his sword. When he sees him, his entire body and spirit tremble and his heart does not rest, being the king of the entire body. Then his spirit travels throughout his organs and takes leave from them like a man who takes leave from his friend to go elsewhere…The person shudders for fear and wishes to hide but does not have the capability. When he realizes that he is powerless, he opens his eyes and he has to look at him with his eyes open. He then gives over his life and soul” (Zohar, Naso; Avoda Zara, 20b).

The departed soul is then escorted by angels, departed tzaddikim, and departed relatives and friends...

from http://ohr.edu/yhiy/article.php/2488 see there for more

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