Are there any cases in which mother takes precedence over father?

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    The obvious one is that Jewish religion follows after the mother, not the father. To understand the ways Jews are commanded to relate to their father and mother, see ou.org/torah/parsha/rabbi-fox-on-parsha/…
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  • A person is required to support his mother before his father - anyone have that source?
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    Mar 20, 2016 at 16:43

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Leviticus 19:3:

איש אמו ואביו תיראו, ואת-שבתתי תשמרו: אני, יהוה אלהיכם.

Every man must revere his mother and father, and keep My Sabbaths. I am Hashem your Lord.

The Talmud in Kidushin 30b - 31a explains this precedence:

תניא רבי אומר גלוי וידוע לפני מי שאמר והיה העולם שבן מכבד את אמו יותר מאביו מפני שמשדלתו בדברים לפיכך הקדים הקב"ה כיבוד אב לכיבוד אם וגלוי וידוע לפני מי שאמר והיה העולם שהבן מתיירא מאביו יותר מאמו מפני שמלמדו תורה לפיכך הקדים הקב"ה מורא האם למורא האב

Rebi said: Hashem knows that a child honors his mother more than his father because she sways him (with pleasant words), therefore, He commanded to honor the father before the mother (Shemos 20:12)); Hashem knows that a child revere his father more than his mother because his father teaches him Torah. Therefore, He commanded to revere the mother before the father.

  • where do we see anything about the mother having priority? We just see that the Torah had to put more emphasis on something since it might be disregarded. In an actual conflict between serving the father and mother, there is no indication that the mother would take priority.
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Since a wife is commanded to honor her husband a Father takes precedence.

When they are not married a Father would seemingly take precedence on account of his Torah knowledge (since it is a man who is commanded in Torah study, even when the woman also has Torah stidy, and the fulfilment of one who is commandes is greater).

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