Machon Ofek has published the Ramchal's Mesillas Yesharim (MY) as well as what they call The Mesillas Yesharim- Seder Vikuach which is essentially the same as the commonly known MY but in dialogue form between a chacham and a chassid (written by the Ramchal a few years prior to publishing the MY). I have read that the Ramchal wrote several books this way, first as a dialogue and then as a conclusion of principles. My question is: what other works, that we have, did the Ramchal write in this way?

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    Daat tevunot (dialogue), Derech Hashem (principles) – wfb Mar 15 '16 at 12:50
  • related judaism.stackexchange.com/q/14872/759 – Double AA Mar 15 '16 at 13:24
  • חוקר ומקובל, I forgot the two names. – kouty Mar 15 '16 at 15:44
  • @wfb How do you know that? – Gavriel May 30 '16 at 16:29
  • @Gavriel,actually I got it wrong - it's דעת תבונות & ספר הכללים – wfb May 31 '16 at 3:45

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