Is anyone familiar with any exposition on the connection between gerah גֵּרָה as cud (ma'aleh gerah) and as a measure of 1/20th of a shekel? Is there any connection drawn to the root for the word תִּתְגָּר as in Dev 2:19, provoke (which the Even Shoshan connects to the same 3 letter root)?

I am not looking specifically for an etymological link, though that would be interesting, but a homiletic one also.

  • The "גרה" coin's root is "גרה", while the root of "גרה" from "מעלה גרה" is "גרר". There might be a connection between "גרה" (from "תתגר") and "גרר" (from "מעלה גרה"), and the idea of a "convert" (גר). – Cauthon Mar 6 '16 at 8:32

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