With variations in the jewish calendar, how is it possible to daven maariv on nine consecutive nights and every shemoneh esrei is different from the other eight?

Example: Thurs nite is a weekday, friday night is shmone esre of shabbos, motzei shabbos has ata chonantonu

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    If 30 Kislev is 4 December on Tuesday. Then F Shabbat Chanuka S Chanukah + Attah S Reg Chanuka M Chanukah + Rosh Chodesh T Chanukha + Rosh Chodesh + Tal Umatar W Chanukah + Tal Umatar R Tal Umatar F Reg Shabbat S Tal Umattar + Attah. This last happened in 1956 and before that in 1888. The next time will be in 2108, but by then Tal Umatar will have drifted to Dec 5. – Double AA Feb 17 '16 at 22:58