Does anyone know where I could get a complete Chumash with Rashi's commentary in English?


You can get it all online here

or buy this ArtScroll set.

You can also go old school and get the JPS set (that's the link for Devarim).


Any Jewish book store near where you live or online. Judaica World, Judaica Press, Koren, ArtScroll, World of Judaica, Eichlers, and even Amazon will have this. You can even go online and find it for free at ... http://www.chabad.org/library/bible_cdo/aid/63255/jewish/The-Bible-with-Rashi.htm


See the set I grew up with on Amazon and WorldCat. It is linear: each line of Hebrew has its translation near it. As far as I recall (though it's been a few years), it has a clear font (with Rashi in block, not "Rashi", script) and nice spacing between the lines, but a more opaque English.

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