As per Shulchan Aruch OC 301:13, one is not allowed to wear/carry a garment whose sole purpose is to protect other clothing that he is wearing ("אצולי טינוף"), though if those also protect the wearer then it's allowed.

Ramma (301:36) writes that one shouldn't wear two belts, one on top of the other, because if one only needs a single belt, the other belt is a "משאוי," a burden, and cannot be worn on Shabbos.

Mishna Berura writes (301:134) that women who wear a belt over a too-long robe, and then hike up the belt and put on another belt so as to prevent the robe from dragging on the ground does not constitute a problem of two belts even according to those opinions who generally forbid two belts, because both belts have a purpose: one to hold the robe closed, and the other to prevent the robe from getting dirty, and therefore neither belt is a משאוי.

כתבו האחרונים דמה שנוהגות קצת נשים לחגור בחגורה, ועוד חוגרים בחגורה על הבגד הרחב מלמטה, ועל ידי כך הבגד הגבה בגד הרחב מן הארץ, ועושין כן שלא יתלכלך הבגד בעת שיש טיט ורפש, גם כן שרי, כיון שצרך הוא לכך

Why isn't the belt that holds the robe up, preventing the robe from getting dirty, forbidden as "אצולי טינוף" like the items listed in SA 301:13?

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    Because nobody drags their hems in the mud; it's the way to get dressed when outside? (As in I'm getting dressed for the muddy sidewalk, not I need to protect my skirt from the mud.) Just guessing. Jan 27, 2016 at 16:21
  • @DannySchoemann Perhaps...but then why isn't the כיס that the זב wears the way a person gets dressed when he's a זב? (see סעיף יג)
    – MTL
    Jan 31, 2016 at 15:50
  • Because he's not getting dressed with the כיס. He's fine dressed w/o it. He wears it only to protect his clothes and only wears it when he drips. (So the meforshim explain, I'm pretty sure). Feb 1, 2016 at 8:38

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SA OC 301:14:

דבר שהוא דרך מלבוש אפילו אם אינו לובשו אלא משום שצולי טינוף מותר לצאת בו בשבת

A thing that is worn in the normal manner of wearing, even if it's only worn to protect clothing from getting dirty, is allowed to be worn outside on Shabbos

(translation mine)


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