Why is Torah sometimes written in the Torah with a "ת" at the end instead of an "ה"?


As Gesenius writes in his Hebrew Grammar:

(b) The original ־ַת‎ is regularly retained as the feminine termination in the construct state sing. of those nouns which in the absolute state end in ־ָה‎, e.g. מַלְכָּה‎ queen, מַלְכַּת שְׁבָא‎ the queen of Sheba. But the feminine endings ־֫ ־ֶת‎, ־֫ ־ַת‎, and also the plural ־וֹת‎, remain unchanged in the construct state.


Some quick, simple Hebrew grammar:

תורה = Torah

אמת = truth

תורה של אמת = Torah of truth (incorrect way)

תורת אמת = Torah of truth

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