Who knows two hundred twenty-four?

Please cite/link your sources, if possible. At some point at least twenty-four hours from now, I will:

  • Upvote all interesting answers.

  • Accept the best answer.

  • Go on to the next number.


From wiki:

The mean Hebrew calendar year is 365 days 5 hours 55 minutes and 25+25/57 seconds long (365.2468 days) - computed as the molad/monthly interval of 29.530594 days × 235 months in a 19-year metonic cycle ÷ 19 years per cycle. As the present-era mean northward equinoctal year is 365 days 5 hours 49 minutes 19 seconds long (365.2424 days), the Hebrew calendar has a "seasonal drift" in relation to the tropical year of about a day every 224 years.

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224 = מדינה ומדינה

224 = דרך

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One Purim morning, at the crack of dawn, Rav Chaim Sonnenfeld appeared at the house of his rebbe, the Gaon Rav Yehoshua Leib Diskin, carrying a basket of shalach manos. His rebbe asked him why he had come so early.... Rav Chaim answered, "When I was a child I became deathly ill, and my parents added 'Yosef' to my name. I then became 'Yosef Chaim', which is numerically equivalent to the word זריז‎, 'zealous'. Since Hashem has granted me life, I am zealous to attend to the mitzvos as quickly as possible...."

Rabbi Yitzchak Sender, The Commentators' Pesach Seder Haggadah, 2003, pages 282–3.

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