In the Raavad's gloss on Hilkhot Tum'at Met 17:3, he mentions a scholar who (like the Rambam) also erred in his definition of בטח - as found in the Mishna, Ohalot 12:3. Where the Rambam thinks that a בטח was a protruding windowsill (and the Raavad thinks that it concerns the caulking of an oven), this other scholar thinks that it was a type of bath. He is referred to by the Raavad only asהרב היווני: the Greek rabbi. Does anybody know who he is referring to?


It is the Rivmats, Rabbi Yitzchak Ben Malki Tzedek, from Siponto in Italy. A little more about him in the Wikipedia entry about him.

The following source helped me find him (top of page 126).

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