Eye symbols like above pictures; Are they important for Judaism?

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v620/FightingFalcon/706px-Eye_of_Horussvg.png https://t1.ftcdn.net/jpg/00/19/96/66/500_F_19966685_vG4uL8vyAH5qQpZtQRlMUO8rP9RXd6aP.jpg


Symbolism in Judaism is in our actions, not icons. We are discouraged from having symbols, and many are outright prohibited. We do find significance about certain images, or symbols, and even certain abilities attributed to them, but these aren't of a religious nature.

As far as if the eye has any special meaning, it is certainly considered a powerful part of a person and a window to the soul. The Maharal (Agados Shabbos 118b) explains that the eye is of a loftier level than the other limbs. But this doesn't make the eye a symbol in Judaism.

You might come across this symbol in an amulet but there too, it is there as a mark but not as a holy symbol that we revere. And even as such many take issue with such images.

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