I know that under certain situations, if you didn't share certain information prior to marriage, the marriage could be nullified and not even require a get.

What sort of witheld information qualifies for the above nullification of the marriage?


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The marrige is nullified if there was fraud (i.e. you got married on condition that she has no blemishes but she did then it is nullified).

But there are requirements to share anyway (even though it does not completely nullify the marrige if you do not).

By the girl it is mumim (defects) that the boy could not have found out about.

Only the defects listed: shulchan aruch even ezer 39.4, Rambam Bais hamikdosh 7 and 8,
and vows Shulchan aruch even ezer 117.3,
and her virginity status and her hyman status shulchan aruch even ezer 67. (Infested tree I understand means broken hymen.)

By the boy only major defects (i.e. missing a limb (things the woman can say are unbearable for her) shulchan aruch even ezer 154.1) (I heard that it was decided that homosexuality is one of them.)
But it might be that since a man is usually in public she should have known about his defects (since he does not hide them).

Wetting his bed is not a defect for men (for woman it might be) shulchan aruch even ezer beer haitv on 39.4

It might still be considered a marriage out of doubt (need a divorce) if there were no conditions.

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