I learned that there are a number of uncertain letters in the written Torah

This article lists 12 (counts vary).

(1) Bereishit 4:13 "Mineso" (E&T w/o Vav) (2) Bereishit 7:11 "Ma'ayanos (E&T w/o Vav) (3) Bereishit 9:29 "Vayehi" (E&T Vayiheyu (4) Bereishit 46:13 "v'Shimron" (E with Vav) (5) Shemot 14:22 "Chomah" (E w/o Vav) (6) Shemot 25:31 "Te'aseh" (E&T w/o Yud) (7) Shemot 28:26 "ha'Efod" (E&T w/o Vav) (8) Bamidbar 1:17 "b'Shemot" (T w/o Vav) (9) Bamidbar 10:10 "Chodsheichem" (T with Yud) (10) Bamidbar 22:5 "Be'or" (T w/o Vav) (11) Bamidbar 33:52 "Bamotam" (E w/o Vav) (12) Devarim 23:2 "Daka" (E&T with Alef instead of Heh.

What are the implications of these uncertain letters for halachic derivations from Scripture (where a single letter can be decisive)?

Is there furthermore an explicit listing of laws affected by those letters?



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