Is there any kashrut problem to kiss your wife if she has eaten something non-kosher?

Maybe you can eat small non-kosher food by kissing her.

If her whole mouth is not kosher due to the hot non-kosher food, maybe there is a problem.

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It appears not to be an issue if her mouth is empty from real food.

R Yair Spolter and R Shraga Simmons answer here (paraphrased)

Food that is not fit for human consumption is not considered food -- and for instance doesn't require a bracha (see Orach Chaim 202:2 with Mishnah Berurah 19).

I also heard from my Rav that food that someone (say a baby) spits out doesn't require a bracha if someone else eats it - it is disgusting and not considered food.

This is somewhat related to the question What should I do with food stuck in my mouth after bentching? see further sources there

As always CYLOR before acting.


there is no kashrus issue here. likewise you don't need separate toothbrush for meat and milk. the only appropriate response if one's wife does not yet keep kosher is the kindly and gently encourage her to start doing so at least a little bit at a time.

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    This answer would be greatly improved if you could add some evidence for your claim.
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    there isn't going to be a source that discuses it b/c it's a klotz kashya. this is why I gave the example about the tooth brushes
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    So how do you know you're right?
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  • It doesn't have to be a source that directly addresses this question. It could be a source talking about a similar question or even just a svarah.
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  • There is such a thing as a klutz teretz too.
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