Who knows two hundred eleven?

Please cite/link your sources, if possible. At some point at least twenty-four hours from now, I will:

  • Upvote all interesting answers.

  • Accept the best answer.

  • Go on to the next number.

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The beams that were used to build the Mishkan were taken from trees planted in Egypt by Yaakov Avinu (Rashi to Exodus 26:15). Since Yaakov came down in the year 2238 and the Mishkan was constructed in 2449, these trees waited 211 years to be used for their ultimate purpose.

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    ...assuming he planted them as soon as he got there. Rashi says nata (not zara), which I think means "transplanted" (an existing tree, as opposed to planting a seed), right? In that case, presumably he did it on arrival.
    – msh210
    Mar 22, 2011 at 19:14

Nebuzaradan, the chief executioner, slew 211 myriads. - Gittin 57b (Encyclopedia of Biblical Personalities, p. 401)


Jews wear a Yarmulke on their head which in Yiddish is known as a (קאפל) Kapel

The reason we wear a קאפל is to show that we fear Hashem

קאפל & ירא both = 211


211 are the verses in Zechariah.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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