Why was there no music at the Meal which Acshverosh made?

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    How do you know there wasn't? – Double AA Mar 23 '12 at 6:14

Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon asks Why didn’t Achashveirosh provide music to tempt the sense of hearing? He answers based on the Radak who says that we’ll never totally understand Tehilim until we understand the musical instructions and instruments assigned to each piece. The power of a nigun is to add “hesber v’havana b’dakus hadevarim.” To this point, the Meiri explains the pasuk of “Zamru maskil”; that singing gives insight. However, it only gives insight, or is Meorer that which is hidden in our hearts and souls. rather the tune is Meorer what’s in one's heart. Even if a given tune is Meorer some to Ta’avah, nevertheless, the same tune can bring an Ish Kodesh to Dveykus.

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  • Wow someone told me he said I told him Maybe he meant Reb Calerbach said that Teretz – SimchasTorah Mar 21 '11 at 5:40

Different People different tastes- Meam Loez


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    Did they not know of headphones? :) – DonielF Mar 5 '17 at 16:36

the Manos levi on Megilas Esther says that Achashveorosh was afraid the Jews would hear music which would remind them of what their souls heard before they came into the world as they heard the singing of the melachim in shamiyim before coming into this world and the music would inspire and spiritualy wake them and they would have been distracted from the party

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The Mahral says the fact that Music is not mentioned does not mean there was non he says the reason it is not mentioned is that Music is something that is not so expensive so the Gemara does not feel the need to mention it.

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