There is a shiur “HOSHANA RABBA SHIUR OF RABBI J.B. SOLOVEITCHIK BOSTON, 1969” which discusses the custom of the arava on Hoshana Rabba.

In the shiur, the Rav is recorded as saying:

On Hoshana Rabba, besides decorating the altar, might they also have taken the arava in hand while marching around it seven times? Otherwise, how can we consider the arava a remembrance of the Temple? What possible commemoration can there be for the decoration of the altar? However, if in the Beis HaMikdash we had marched around the altar with the arava as well, then by our marching around the Sefer Torah on the bima today, we do, indeed, reflect the practice in the Temple.

The bold part of the text seems to suggest that we march around the Sefer Torah with the arava. (Does the Rav mean the arava in the lulav bundle?). I have never seen anyone make a hakafa with the arava.

Can someone please explain this passage?

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