The Rav's Shulchan Aruch, OC 52, clearly states that, because saying amida (sh'mone esre) with a congregation is so important, one who arrives late to a congregational shacharis service should skip earlier portions of the prayers in order to say amida with the congregation. He should even, if necessary to reach amida in time, skip almost all of the prayers before Yotzer.

Yet I don't see Chabad-Lubavitch folks (well, men), who I'd think would follow the Rav, doing so. In my experience, Lubavitch latecomers pray without skipping, even if skipping would enable them to say amida with the congregation.

Is there some authority they rely on for this practice? (Does, perhaps, the Rav elsewhere (e.g., in his notes on the sidur) or one of the later Lubavitch rebbes say to practice thus?)

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    Also, though not a Lubavitch source, see Note 11 to this page: "... Nonetheless, there are those who advise reciting all of davening in order (Sha’arei Teshuvah 52:1 in the name of Yosef Ometz). It is reported that many great people acted in such a manner (Kaf Hachaim 52:2). ..."
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    @sabbahillel, I don't see how, at all. The other question asks how to keep up with a communal service; this asks on what authority Lubavitchers don't skip prayers. Two completely different questions as far as I can tell (though obviously both are about one's prayer's coinciding with the communal service). Could you explain your comment, please?
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Letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe stating not to skip Pesukei DeZimrah even if you are late.

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    Hi EliyahuBenYosef, welcome to Mi Yodeya! If you could specify which letter you are referring to, or even better - link to it, that would greatly improve your answer. As it is, it's not very useful. I hope to see you around the site!
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