Does Shalach Manos require a Messenger and why?

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The Binyan Tzion, questions if you are Yotzei the Mitzva of Mishloach Manos if you bring it yourself, since Mishloach implies that you must send it with a Shaliach. Others like the Eishel Avrohom and Rav Shlomo Kluger hold that you are certainly Yotzei if you bring it personally. Sending it is a leniency that the Anshei Knesses HaGedola allowed. Moreover you can only make a Shaliach for something that you can do yourself. If you can't give Mishloach Manos by yourself you wouldn't be able to make a Shaliach.

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    Your last point is paradoxical. If the Hachamim enacted it to be done specifically through an agent then it would work through an agent. It is a mitzvah dirabanan and the rule of kol detikun rabanan k'ein d'oraisa tiknu is only regarding a mitzvah modeled after an actual d'oraisa concept. On a Yomtov celebrating Torah Shebaal Peh it is appropriate to have a mitzvah that is complete hiddush and not modeled on a di'oraisa.
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The Dvar Avraham chelek 1:13 brings a shittah from a reading in the Ran that one needs to use a agent to fulfill mitzvah.

The Kaf Hachaim 695:41 writes the opinion of Binyan Tzion (Gershon gold sourced) and says that the Torah uses the term send in diffrent cases(Noach,Avraham)but was not done through a agent and he holds one does not need one to fulfill the mitzvah.

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