Was the second book in the Tanya, Shaar Yichud vEmunah ("The Gateway of Unity and Belief") originally published alongside the first book?

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When the Tanya was first published in book form (1796), the first 2 sections were released. In a later printing (1806), the Baal HaTanya added a version of the 3rd section (it was later updated). The final two sections were added to the Tanya posthumously, by the Author's children. - Starting from about minute 4 of this lecture.

Prior to its publishing in book form it was released pamphlet form, but I'm not sure how that process went.

There is a "tradition handed down by chassidim that the Alter Rebbe originally intended to reverse the current order, with this second part of Tanya appearing first, as Part I, and the fifty-three chapters of the first part becoming Part II" - Lessons in Tanya, Intro to Shaar Hayichud VeHaEmunah

  • Among potential sources for this, one could point to HaYom Yom for 20 Kislev. Dec 23, 2019 at 1:27

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