Most siddurim (Nusach Ashkenaz Sefard) group the shofar blowing as follows:

  • 30 blasts before Musaph divided as:
    • A 3 times Tekiah Shevarim-Tru'ah Tekiah
    • B 3 times Tekiah Shevarim Tekiah
    • C 3 times Tekiah Truah Tekiah

During Musaph

1 time of each group A, B and C from above. Each one done at the end of each of the 3 middle sections of Shmoneh Esreh - chazan's repetition.

After Musaph,

repeat of procedure that was done before Musaph + procedure used during musaph.

Is one allowed to break up this sequence in any way? E.g. can he do only groups A and B and leave C for after Musaf to add on to the others?

If one is allowed to break things up, must he have at least a group of 10 in the format:

Tekiah Shevrim Truah Tekiah Tekiah Truah Tekiah Tekiah Tru'ah Tekiah

Or can he do less than 10 at a time?

If he is not allowed to divide anything from what the siddur's format (say he must do all 40 at once as indicated), what if he has an "emergency" and is short of breath. Can he finish the rest later, or must he find someone else to complete the group for him at that time?


i will answer your question in numbers: 1) no you can't, we are unsure what the torah wants when it tells us to blow the shofar and therefore we have to do all of those types, and each one in 3 being that you need that many sounds for the mitzvah and the one you are currently doing may be the one. that being said and we know shofar should be blown when the bracha is made you cant skip out group "c" being that it may be the one mentioned by the torah and now you are taking it away from it's brahca.(the same would apply for any of the other groups) 2)i don't fully understand this question but i suppose it is answered through the 1st question 3)it is obviously better to find someone to do it right away so as not to have the same problem of the bracha, but shofar could be split up and still do the mitzvah like it says in shulchann aruch you could hear from 9 different people at 9 hours of the day (that's just bringing out the point) and still fulfill your obligation, it is brought in the piskei teshuvos that if one won't have enough strength to blow all sounds he can make one of each group and that is enough according to some opinions while others argue and say he needs all the types of sounds to fulfil his obligation.

to summarize the better option to do is blow them all at once and if he cant finish them someone else should take over immediately however after the fact if one blew them at separate times even if he spoke in between he has fulfilled his obligation of the mitzvah

  • #1 should be strengthened with some source(s). I understand the general gist of what you're saying, but most M.Y. readers probably don't. #3 is good as you alluded to Shulchan Aruch, but, try to link or mention where. – DanF Sep 10 '15 at 14:21
  • sorry for not being clear, the beginning to what i said in #1 could be found here shulchanarach.com/ch/sach590.htm in numbers 1 &2, and the fact that a mitzvah should be done right away i don't think is necessary for a source as it is well known, but the place where it says that all 3 should be blown by the bracha is here shulchanarach.com/ch/SAch585.htm in #2 about half way through. the source for number 3 is here shulchanarach.com/ch/sach588.htm in #2 – trying Sep 10 '15 at 16:08
  • Hi "trying". Please move your last comment as an edit to your answer, if you are allowed to edit it, at this point. If not, inform me. – DanF Sep 10 '15 at 16:18

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