If I promise something by saying "I Promise..... to do something". What status does that have. Does it have the same status of a Neder? Or maybe a promise has no significance in halachah and therefore I don't have to give any credence to it.


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The first mishna in Nedarim states that כנויים "equivalent terms" for neder, charamos, or shevua are treated as if they are actually a neder, cherem, or shevuah. This would imply that "I promise" would be treated like the alternative terms given in Aramaic.The Art Scroll gemoro notes on the first mishnah point out that a neder is a Chovat Cheftzah (apply to the object), while a shevuah is a Chovat Gavrah (apply to the person).

However, as applied to the meaning. the words "I promise" would seem to be the modern equivalent of saying "I am making a neder" while "I promise Hashem" (or some other reference to Hashem) is like "I swear" and is meant to be a shevuah.


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