I understand that the obligation to give Maaser from our income is a sub-category of the overall commandment to give Tzedakah but consider the following question:

If I made a promise (Neder) to give Tzedakah every day. Can I take Maaser money that I have set aside and use that to fulfill my vow ? or do I have to give the Maaser money in the name (LeShem) Maaser and money from my post Maaser earnings to (LeShem) Tzedakah?

  • Probably depends on 1. your intention when you made the daily-vow and 2. your intention when you started to give Maaser, as dicussed in Maaser Kesafim by Domb et al. Jul 15, 2015 at 11:09

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You can give Tzedakah with Maaser money, as long you don't have an obligation to give that Tzedakah. Example: Someone got an Aliya. The cost of the Aliya was $180. He is not permited to deduct it from Maaser, but he can be Menadev (pledge) $180 from his Maaser when he has an aliya.

You can read this and this for more info.


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