If I were naming a company dedicated to bringing Jewish soures to the masses, I would choose a name more descriptive of the mission than "Artscroll". What is the origin of this name?

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According to an interview, the name comes because the publisher made fancy ketubot:

Y.H. [interviewer]: If I remember correctly, ArtScroll started off publishing fancy high-end kesubos…

N[osson] S[cherman of ArtScroll]: Yes, ArtScroll’s name came from that. Meir Zlotowitz had a company that was involved in such printing.


Wikipedia says the following:

In 1975,[1] Zlotowitz, a graduate of Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem, was director of a high-end graphics studio in New York.[2] The firm, named ArtScroll Studios,[1] produced brochures,[3] invitations, awards and ketubahs.[1]… The name ArtScroll was chosen for the publishing company to emphasize the visual appeal of the books.[7]

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