It says in Pirqei Avoth 2:3

"hawwu nizhirin be-reshuth"

"Be wary of the [non-Jewish] government..."

Lately, I have read alot of commentary from religious Jews in America about the Supreme Court's decision to legalize and recognize same-sex marriages throughout the US. With all of the pressing issues in the Jewish world, it made me wonder why religious Jews - even to the point of getting involved with and interacting with government representatives - would put so much effort into a decision that ultimately doesn't have any bearing on them.

I am not asking whether or not Jews should care about the moral behavior of the non-Jewish world. And I am not asking whether or not Jews should pray out of concern for their non-Jewish government, wherever they happen to live in the Diaspora. Rather, I am wondering if religious should involve themselves with the legislation of non-Jewish governments regarding homosexuality or homosexual unions, through social action, etc.

I mean, isn't this type of legislation the business of non-Jews as their carry out - for better or for worse - the seventh misswath Benei Noahh (i.e. dinim)? Is it our place? And does such involved ultimately change the number of homosexual couples who get "married" and play house in the US anyway?