Why is David's name spelled דויד and דוד ? with a י and without a י?

  • I believe MouseEvent is referring to Rashi's comment to Divrei Hayamim 1, (Ch.2, v.15). The Chida (Chomat Anach, ad loc.) gives an explanation based on Kabbala (not something I understand). – Alter Bochur Jun 30 '15 at 11:28

דוד is referring to King David. דויד is referring to Moshiach ben David specifically as Melech HaMoshiach. This is brought in Kol HaTor 2: 2. This is also brought in Be'er Yitzchok on Likkutei HaGra 63.


The reason is because of david's friendship with Jonathan. A yud was added to David's name and a 'hei' to Jonathan's. To show that their great friendship had hashem's blessing. Since these were 'additions' one doesnt use them in spelling their names. Although R Yehonasan Eibeshuts did add the 'hei'.

I will have to look for the source.

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