Do you know if it is possible to read online the gemara with Rashi in the regular font with vowels?

I am also looking for a gemara with Rashi only with vowels, or ONLY in regular font without vowels.

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    Why not start practicing reading rashi writing on the chumash.
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  • The new Koren English gemarahs also have Rashi (in Rashi script) with nekudot and punctuation. It's not online, but it is a book option if you want. Commented Jun 1, 2015 at 2:18

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www.sefaria.org click through to the relevant daf and you'll find Rashi on the right side.


Hebrewbooks.org has the Gemara text without vowels, and Rashi is placed at the bottom of the page in regular font without vowels. Tosafoth is also there, beneath Rashi, in regular font without vowels.

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I think what you want can be found here https://www.themercava.com/app/books/metanav/5683 Click the arrow at the bottom of the page and double click the rashi script icon to toggle.


You can get on dvar malchus lubavitch. The entire cycle is 7 daf pdfs a week. You can download them. They have block Hebrew rashi. http://dvarmalchus.org/Download.aspx?History=True

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  • That would work better if there was an index of which daf is in which issue. Otherwise how would someone know where to find a specific page?
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    Commented Dec 21, 2017 at 3:59

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