What is this [type of] font called - the kind that makes it look like every leg of every letter is a snake that swallowed a block?

Where can I download such a font?

Title page of "Sefer Mekor Chayim," by R' Meir Chayim Ungar, printed in Jerusalem in 5720

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It's called Stam, and was designed by Francesca Baruch in the 1930s (originally for the logo of the newspaper Haaretz - this logo is still in use).

Not to be confused with more recent fonts also bearing the name Stam, which are made to look like Ashkenazic or Sephardic Torah lettering, complete with crowns on the letters.

I see where Davka has repackaged it under the name Davka Simcha. They offer it as part of a 25-font package for about $50.

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