I am looking for book/s on the subject of apostasy throughout Jewish history. I haven't been able to find anything that focuses on this subject. I would appreciate any pointers

What I have in mind are books that discuss the individuals who are known to have been apostates from the earliest known cases such as Julius Tiberius Alexander, through the tannaitic/amoraic years, e.g. Acher, through the numerous medieval converts to Christianity like Shlomo Halevi, Nicolo Donin, Pablo Christiani, to Johannes Pfefferkorn, up until the 20th century.


There are a number of works about Acher, from the historical-fiction to the scholarly and Hebrew. In addition to the books I mentioned in the comments above, various books by Robert Chazan discuss the medieval figures you mention. For a book on 20th century converts to (and from) Christianity, see here.

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There is a new book that is quite well written especially for a former Skver Chossid. It is his own memoir of his journey to apostasy but you might find it useful. All Who Go Do Not Return by Shulem Deen.

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