I had been under the impression that Pesach Sheini was only a historical and future observance -- that is, when the temple stood/stands. I didn't make the connection that it might also be special now until somebody wished me an early Pesach Sheini samayach today.

I know that some have the custom to eat matzah on this day and some omit tachanun, and that Chabad says it is a day of "second chances" and has some talks and essays on that theme, but I'm still at a loss for what one should be doing to mark the day. It's not chag, but is there a custom to make a festive meal? Are there any family/home-based observances (other than the matzah)? What do those who do anything special on this day actually do?

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    The idea of pesach sheini is to help those who couldnt do it the first time because of tumah. It is rather an odd 'date' since for a woman who is tumah for the first will most likely be tuma also for the second.
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  • As for today (this year) specifically... ;P
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  • Kind of the opposite side of the coin question: judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/28063/…
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Nitai Gavriel (Pesach Vol 3 Chapter 57) brings several Pesach Sheni customs. Among them:

  • To increase in Simcha (source: the Chida)
  • To read the parsha of Pesach Sheni and learn its Halachos (source: The Shalo).
  • To read the Parsha of the Nesi'im (source: The Shalo).
  • To visit the grave of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNeis in Teveria (this is a sefardi custom sourced from many places). Some object to the festive nature of this practice.
  • To visit the grave of Rabbi Yehuda Bar Illoi (a custom of residents of Tzefas).

He also mentions in a footnote that one of the objections Misnagdim had to the practices of Chassidim was making a meal on Pesach Sheni even if it was one of the days of בה"ב.


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