There is a famous tape by Rabbi Shmuel Kunda entitled "The longest pesach" about a time when the Noda Beyehuda added on an extra day to Pesach in order to uncover a plot to poison the Jews of Prague. What is the source of this story?


Chaim Sheyaish Bahem - page 166 mentions this story. At the end of the story the source mentioned is תולדות הנודע ביהודה page 138.

Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak says this story in the name of the Avodas Hagershuni.

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    I was not able to find a copy of תולדות הנודע ביהודה anywhere, and the Avodas Hagershuni precedes the Noda B'Yehuda by many years – Jewels May 5 '15 at 12:02

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