The Sun of May in the flag is inspired by an ancient Inca god. It is used by the Argentinian flag and the Uruguayan flag.

It is a representation used as a homage to the ancient empire, inspired by the Inca sun deity, as there isn't an official symbol to represent it, just like we don't have a symbol to represent Hashem.

It is not like the Turkey flag. Muslims adopted the crescent, a secular symbol, to represent their faith, contrariwise, the Sun of May was never adopted by Incan faith, neither it was made to symbolize it.

Is it idolatry to use/wave these flags, but without adoring the symbol?


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When an idolatrous cult is over you are free to go into its former temples, posess any objects that were formerly used in the cult, use symbols that were formerly associated with that cult. There are even situations when you can do this with currently active idolatrous cults, though you must check it well in advance and be careful all the way. Can you enter a beautiful church just to see the paintings? You may, if the church is seldom used for cult and has become more of a museum. Not if its main purpose is to serve the cult, no matter how beautiful it is. But you can always look at photographs of it. Idols are dead, even when they are currently being worshipped by someone, more the reason they are dead when no one is paying them attention any more.

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