What do the sources say about posting flyers on Chol Hamoed, advertising one's shop (as open generally, not as open only on Chol Hamoed), or is that considered business on Chol Hamoed?

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See heWikipedia which records the types of permitted work on Chol Hamoed:

צרכי אוכל נפש: preparation of food for the moed days.

שאר צורכי המועד: other things needed for the moed.

מלאכת דבר האבד: work where a loss (not, I learnt, a lack of profit) would be incurred by not doing it.

מלאכה לצורך מצווה: work needed to perform a mitzvah.

צרכי רבים: work for the public good

פועל שאין לו מה לאכול: work for a worker who cannot sustain himself.

At Kipa.co.il הרב דוד לוי writes that

פרסום אסור בחול המועד אלא אם מדובר באירוע שיהיה בחול המועד, פורסם לפני כן וזקוק כעת לפרסום חוזר

Advertising is prohibited on Chol Hamoed unless it is for an event occurring on Chol Hamoed which had been previously advertised and now needs repeating.

These conditions do not apply to the discussed case.

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