Is Frank's hot sauce kosher for passover? I just called up the French's food company and they said that the vinegar they use is derived from corn, so it is not חמץ גמור, but it is kitniyos.

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If it's kitniyos then it's definitely not customarily kosher-for-passover for Ashkenazi Jews who refrain from eating kitniyos on Passover. However, even those who do eat kitniyos on Passover generally only do so with a reliable kosher-for-passover certification since there's generally not assumed to be any guarantee otherwise that there are no chametz ingredients as well. Similarly, there's no guarantee that the utensils and machinery used in its processing were chametz-free at the time. (In addition, there is what to discuss regarding the reliability of the customer service representative, from a halachik standpoint, regarding whether the vinegar might also have been derived from chametz sources.)

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