Who knows one hundred seventy-seven?

Please cite/link your sources, if possible. At some point at least twenty-four hours from now, I will:

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There are 177 words in Hashem's instructions to Noach about building the Ark and what to put in it (Gen. 6:13-16, 18-21, and 7:1-4). This is also the gematria of the words מבול מים (a flood of water) plus the seven letters and two words of this phrase.

(From Otzar Chaim, by R' Yeshuah Halevi of Lisbon. I suppose he omits 6:17 because it's Hashem's description of the flood that He is going to bring (i.e., this isn't something for Noach to do); but in that case I'm not sure why he counts 6:13, which is also Hashem saying that he's fed up with the behavior of humanity and plans to do something about it.)


177 days in a typical six (Jewish) month period. Hence, 177 days from Pesach until (and excluding) Sukos, and, in some non-leap years, from Sukos until (and excluding) Pesach.


(Terrible answer, but I've been unable as of yet to find anything else.)

177 is the total of the number (86) of years Avraham lived until Yishmael was born and the number (91) of years Yaakov lived until Yosef was born.

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This is a list of 177 Jewish families residing in Belchatow's synagogue district with the right to vote for the Kahal. It is based on the list of community members who paid their contribution to the Kahal in 1891.


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