He was a student of Yochanan Ben Zakkai. According to Bava Batra 134a, Yochanan Ben Zakkai was a Talmid of Beth Hillel but also a Talmid of Beth Shammai. This is why I wonder which House follow Rabbi Yehoshoua ben Hanania.

Also, Rabbi Eliezer was a talmid of Yochanan Ben Zakkai but followed beth Shammai (Yerushalmi Nazir 6:11). This is another reason why I wonder about the affiliation of Rabbi Yehoshoua.

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Wikipedia based on Gemara Chagiga 22b says that Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananya followed Bais Hillel.

רבי יהושע סבר היה מבית הלל ("בושני מדבריכם בית שמאי" - חגיגה כב:). לכן הוא מיקל יותר, מתחשב במציאות, מעדיף את הכמות, את הבפועל , ומקרב גרים.

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