He was a student of Yochanan Ben Zakkai. According to Bava Batra 134a, Yochanan Ben Zakkai was a Talmid of Beth Hillel but also a Talmid of Beth Shammai. This is why I wonder which House follow Rabbi Yehoshoua ben Hanania.

Also, Rabbi Eliezer was a talmid of Yochanan Ben Zakkai but followed beth Shammai (Yerushalmi Nazir 6:11). This is another reason why I wonder about the affiliation of Rabbi Yehoshoua.


Wikipedia based on Gemara Chagiga 22b says that Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananya followed Bais Hillel.

רבי יהושע סבר היה מבית הלל ("בושני מדבריכם בית שמאי" - חגיגה כב:). לכן הוא מיקל יותר, מתחשב במציאות, מעדיף את הכמות, את הבפועל , ומקרב גרים.

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