The Mishneh Lemelech on Hilchot Chametz Umatzah 1:7 (in the Frankel edition, 2nd line from top of second column) quotes a certain Maharalnach and his 18th responsa. I took this as a typo for the Maharalbach - and sure enough - at the 18th responsa of the Maharalbach was the relevant topic (חצי שעור). However, the Sefer Halikutim also records it as the Maharalnach.
This became a bit more complicated when I looked up a different version and saw that it said the 51st responsa. I'm really confused, as I cannot find reference to this Maharalnach in the "גדולי ישראל" book, which is a comprehensive list of all Rabbonim up until the modern era.


The MaharalNach and MaharalBach are the same person. Rabbi Levi ibn Chaviv. If you state the Arabic version of 'son of' it's ibn, abbreviated as a single Nun, hence the N'Ch(aviv). If you write the Hebrew version of 'son of' it's ben, hence the B'Ch(aviv).

Here's his wiki entry http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levi_ibn_Habib

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  • Facepalm. I still have to figure out the 18 vs 51 issue, though. – shman613 Mar 11 '15 at 1:24
  • @shman613 we all get one once in a while:) we'll have to see about the 18 51 thing... – user6591 Mar 11 '15 at 1:35

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