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The answer there (so far), addresses the source of the term, in general and cites Talmud Shabbat which seems to address the importance of lighting Shabbat candles. I believe that the Talmud explains either there or somewhere else that the "peace" created in the house is that by having light, people in the household won't trip over each other in the dark.

The term "Shalom Bayit", now, seems to mean "matrimonial harmony" - i.e. peace and calm between husband and wife. This definition does not seem to emanate from the Talmud - at least not from the location cited.

Where, when and how did this definition arise?

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The Rashash on Rashi there (Shabbos 23b d.h. mishum shalom beiso) explains the reference to mean marital harmony and connects it to the mishnah in bameh madlikin about the wife lighting the ner shabbos and the fact that beiso is used to refer to a wife, ayin sham.

משום שלום ביתו. ופירש''י שב''ב מצטערין. לכאורה מאי איריא ב''ב אף הוא בעצמו נמי יצטער. ואולי יכוון רבא במלת ביתו על אשתו וכדלקמן
ור''ל משום דאיתא לקמן על ג''ע נשים מתות כו' ובהדלקת הנר
לכן אם לא תדליק אתיא לאנצויי עמו.


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