What is the source that one must ride an elephant to shabbat evening meals served in a sukkah when the sukkah is to the northwest of your house?

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Obviously, you're setting out from somewhere somewhat distant from the suka (as you're getting there by elephant). Since you have an elephant, you're presumably in India; somewhere distant to your northwest is thus Israel. Indeed, Israel is known for having many sukos on Sukos. Who famously brought elephants to Israel? The Y'vanim (Seleucids). So by riding to the Shabas meal you are reenacting the story of Chanuka. On Sukos. Thus, you're clearly drunk, so it must be Purim. Because you're reenacting the Chanuka story on an elephant, you're on the wrong side of the conflict; thus, because it's Purim, you're Haman. But it says in the m'gila "הפיל פור… המן", "the poor elephant was… Haman's". Thus, you ride an elephant.

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