Why do people have a custom of drinking davka wine on Purim? After all, the story took place in שושן הבירה - Shushan of Beer (Ester 1:2)!

Why do people drink wine instead of beer then?

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Simple answer:

The Royal Rav ordained that Achashverush should always have only the Rav's cerified wine readily available, as it says (Esther 1:7):

וְיֵין מַלְכוּת רָב, כְּיַד הַמֶּלֶךְ

The kingdom's rabbi's wine was near the king's hand. (i.e. - available)

Kal Vachomer - if Achashverush who was a Goy had the rav's wine next to him for his party, shouldn't we have it for our party?


It's because "ארור המן" has the same gimatriya as "יין".

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