"Ger" means "stranger".

I met many Ger Chassidim. I don't find them strange at all. OK, they wear spodeks instead of shtreimlach. So what? That doesn't make them "strange". I sometimes wear a Washington Senators baseball cap when davening. I think that's strange. (OK, I admit that I do strange things - is that strange?)

So what makes this group of Chassidim strange or stranger than any other Chassid or any other Jew for that matter?

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If only it was just the spodek:

They stuff their pants into the socks. They tie their payos under the yarmulke... which is shiny and pointed.

But all of this just in the eyes of the beholder. They call themselves "Gur", which means "very" in Yiddish. So "Gur Chassidim" just means "very Chassidic people"...

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