The bracha after finishing the Megillah starts:

Harav Esri Veinu - The tenth rabbi among us

Why bless just the 10th rabbi. Aren't the other 9 as worthy?

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You are mistranslating veinu - if it meant among us, it would have said veinenu. The proper translation is "The tenth Rav, the son of (all of us)."

When you have 10 rabbanim, you have ten sarei asarot, which means you have at least a hundred people and asarah batlanim (the rabbanim), making you chayiv to have a beis din because you fulfill the minimum requirements of a village.

We bless the tenth rabbi because he is considered to be the child of the entire community, as he defines the city in which he lives. As chazal says: It takes a village!

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