The gemara (Gittin 84b) writes

כל התנאין פוסלין בגט

All Tannaim invalidate a get

(my very own translation)

Why is it that a rabbi of the mishna will invalidate a get (divorce document) by writing it, whereas a rabbi of the Talmud or later is able to write a kosher get?

This question is Purim Torah and is not intended to be taken completely seriously. See the Purim Torah policy.

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Well, that's easy: this gemara follows the rather famous opinion of Rabbi Meir (Gittin 5b, 80a):

אמר רב המנונא משמיה דעולא אומר היה ר"מ כל המשנה [...] בגיטין יוציא והולד ממזר

Rav Hamnona said in the name of Ulah: Rabbi Meir used to say "Any mishna [...] in Gittin, she must leave (her second husband), and the children (from that second husband) is a mamzer.

(again, my very own translation)

Of course, any time that we say that יוציא והולד ממזר the get must be biblically invalid; therefore, the involvement of a Tanna in the writing of one's get will invalidate it, which will not be true for rabbis of any other era.

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