Shiluach Haken is the commandment of sending away a mother bird before taking her eggs/chicks.

Now, being that Twitter is like a bird (see their logo), how can/should shiluach haken be achieved while using Twitter?

What is considered the mother bird, what are the eggs/chicks, how do we take eggs/chicks, and how do we send away the mother?

This question is Purim Torah and is not intended to be taken completely seriously. See the Purim Torah policy.


Shiluach Hkan is only applicable to kosher birds and their eggs. Twitter has no mesorah and is full of asur items.

Based on the harm the messages do I would call Twitter the the output of "Birds of Prey" which are all not kosher.

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    Even birds with no mesorah get shiluach hakan. We don't think they are treif lekula. – Double AA Feb 24 '15 at 5:25
  • @DoubleAA see edit – sabbahillel Feb 24 '15 at 10:43

You close the Twitter tab, open it again in an incognito window, copy tweets, and don't forget to take the replies to the tweets, too!

Twitter = mother bird

Tweets = eggs

Tweet replies = chicks.

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