1) I heard from someone say in the name Zohar haKadosh that the eyes are the "mirror to the soul" - that to those who are able to read such things a person's eyes are very revealing.

Does anyone know where the Zohar says this?

2) I read somewhere in the Maharal that the word Panim (face) is in the plural because the face is the meeting point of the inner dimension of a person and the outer dimension. That is why it is your face that reveals your emotions because the emotions come from within a person.

Does anyone know where the Maharal says this?

  • mishle המים הפנים לפנים כן לב האדם לאדם
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See Zohar on parashat Yitro, in Zohar 73a.

For example:

עיינין צהיבין ירוקין, שגעונא אית ביה, ובגין שגעוניה איהו פום ממלל רברבן, ועביד גרמיה כבר נש רב ברברבנו...

  1. IF his eyes are yellowish-green, he has madness about him, and because of this madness his mouth speaks in a bombastic manner, and he carries a self-importance about himself...

I don't know where the Maharal says this.

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Rav Yitzchok Hutner says that the פנים (face) reveals what is בפנים (inside). The face reveals your inner emotions. Rav Hutner was an avid scholar on the Maharal's works.

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