Are there any books/articles that discuss dementia from a Jewish perspective? I am looking for a perspective that include coping with, and relevant hashkafa. The intended audience being not the sick person, but family.

It is possible that a book for family members of the terminally sick would be applicable; ideally it would include the mentally degenerative aspect of dementia.

May we never know such things.

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    There is a book written by Douglas J. Kohn called Broken Fragments: Jewish Experiences of Alzheimer's Disease through Diagnosis, Adaptation and Moving On. I do not think it is from a Orthodox perspective, however it is from a Jewish perspective. – Gershon Gold Feb 19 '15 at 21:24
  • The Talmud teaches us to respect a Talmid Chacham even after he forgets his learning; this is derived from the broken Luchot that were preserved. – Danny Schoemann May 20 '15 at 13:59

There's a very informative shiur with Rabbi Torczyner on YUTorah about dementia.

Additionally, a book titled A Jewish Response to Dementia by Rabbi Cary Kozberg, is particularly useful for families that seek understanding, instruction and comfort regarding dementia care.

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there's an excellent book in hebrew called Etzot v'Hadrachot by Yaakov Greenwald based on a correspondance with the Steipler zt'l. according to the first page, author lives on 2 sylvan road monsey, NY 10952

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