Our chachamim teach that when there is peace and harmony between a man and his wife, the Divine Presence dwells with them.

Does anyone know where the chachamim says this?

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Sotah 17a:

דריש ר''ע איש ואשה זכו שכינה ביניהן לא זכו אש אוכלתן

R. Akiba expounded: When husband and wife are worthy, the Shechinah abides with them; when they are not worthy fire consumes them.

(Soncino translation)

Rashi there explains:

שכינה ביניהם - שהרי חלק את שמו ושיכנו ביניהן יו"ד באיש וה"י באשה

The Shechinah abides with them - God split His Name, and put it between them; "איש" has the letter יו"ד , and "אשה" has the letter ה"י, which form Hashem's name.

לא זכו אש אוכלתן - שהקב"ה מסלק שמו מביניהן ונמצאו אש ואש

If they are not worthy fire consumes them - Because God removes (the letters of) his Name from them, and you're left with אש and אש (fire and fire).

(my translation)

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