The Zohar states, “Hashem is Sholom, His name is Sholom and all is bound by Sholom.”

Where does the Zohar say this?

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    Please edit into the question why you think the Zohar says this.
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  • @IsaacMoses: Look at the answer below. Feb 17 '15 at 17:13
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    @ChiddusheiTorah Can you identify perhaps a non-recursive motivation for the question to be edited in? Why would you suspect the Zohar says this that you seek its source in the Zohar?
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This is from the Zohar on Vayikra (10b):

תא חזי קב"ה אקרי שלום הוא שלום ושמיה שלום ואתקשר כלא בשלום


Come and see: The Holy One Blessed be He is called "Shalom" ("Peace"). He is peace, and his name is Peace, and everything is bound in peace.


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