Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt"l, says, “Your face is like a screen and your soul like a projector which projects on your face the glory of the human soul, which has in it the greatness of Hashem." (10 steps to Greatness, tape #706)

Are there any sefarim or gemaras that speak about the connection between one's soul anyone and his face?


Rabbi Avigdor Miller told Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen towards the end of his life that he was able to see the Tzelem Elokim in every person, even a goy.

I heard this from Rabbi Simcha Bunim himself, with that said, and having seen it himself. I don't need to see this in any other sefer, I trust Rabbi Avigdor Miller.

  • how do you know he didn't see something that he interpreted as tzelem elokim.. He might've interpreted it wrongly – barlop Feb 21 '16 at 21:22

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