Is a shochet allowed to slaughter for himself, or does he need to buy from another butcher?

If he slaughters an animal, and questions arise as to the validity of the shechita, can the shochet answer the questions for himself? Is there any concern as to his personal involvement in the question?


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The last Taz in Y.D. siman 18, based on the Rash, writes that even though a Talmid Chochom is generally believed to paskin for himself, he is not believed when there is a chezkas issur, a previous status of prohibition. The animal was prohibited to eat while it was alive, and therefore the shochet is not relied upon to paskin for himself in this situation.

However, with regards to slaughtering for himself if no questions arise, there is a principle that רוב מצויין אצל שחיטה מומחין, most of those doing shechita are experts, and he is therefore allowed to shecht his own dinner.

The Chayei Adam klal aleph se'if 10 accepts this Taz.

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  • Since rabbis often consult other rabbis I imagine shokhets consult other shokhets. Of course there are those feel that doing so somehow affects their reputation.
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  • @JJLL I'm under the impression that when a shochet has a question, he'll ask a rabbi. As far as I'm aware, this has always been the case, and it's still this way today. (My father, for example, sends his questions to rabbis. That time he asked about the goat was probably the weirdest question my rav ever got :P)
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